• Team Living Water Runs The North Olympic Discovery Marathon

    Team Living Water Olympic Discovery Marathon 2022 Dungeness Community Church

    Team Living Water raised over $15,000 during the 2022 North Olympic Discovery Marathon. 26 participants ran or walked the various events which included a 5k,10k, marathon, full marathon relay, half marathon and kids race.

    Team captain, Martin Murray, said the proceeds were enough to provide a brand new well to a village in Guatemala, along with rehabilitating an existing well somewhere else in the world. “We had a great time. It was a lot of fun. Seemed like people enjoyed it.” Said Martin.

    Click to Learn about wells that DCC has helped build in Guatemala.

    Goals of Team Living Water

    Martin Murray explained that Team Living Water maintains three goals:

    1. Raise awareness of world water crisis and let folks know what Living Water International is doing about it.

    2. Raise funds to build well somewhere.

    3. Create community and have fun doing that Martin feels they did well to accomplish all three goals.

    20220612 Team Living Water 2

    Fun, Fellowship, and Running on The Olympic Discovery Trail 

    Julie Hill and Jordan Griebner arrived in Sequim on Friday afternoon. They joined us on Saturday evening giving a short presentation to over 30 participants and their for a dinner and short presentation.  The Saturday night event was attended by 30 folks.

    Sunday at 4:30am it was raining hard, but it stopped for the beginning of the race at 7:30am.  Our relay team completed the full marathon and crossed the line together.  It was a great site. Other participants completed the ½ marathon. Thankfully the rain held off until our relay team had finished the race.  Then came the wind and rain!

    During the day Team Living Water had a booth set up at the finish line, for folks stopped to inquire about Living Water International. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness and share what we are all about. Contact Martin Murray If you are interested in participating next year.

    20220612 Team Living Water 5A Letter From Julie & Jordan of Living Water International

    "Thank you so much to Martin and the team at DCC for your incredible efforts this past weekend in the North Olympic Discovery Marathon! It was a joy and honor to join together with all of you to provide water, for life, in Jesus’ name and even more fun to watch you exceed your fundraising goal! Thank you for choosing to endure for the thirsty and for all the hard work that went into making this event a success. I witnessed people stepping in to help out all weekend and it was clear this was truly a team effort! You are all a blessing to Living Water and are already looking forward to next year!"
    - Jordan Griebner - Living Water International - Director of Trips & Affinity Groups
    "I (and on behalf of Living Water) am so grateful for DCC and each race participant, each person who made a gift, every volunteer and advocate. Each person, gift and step ran/walked matters for the thirsty; sharing in this work and community together is a true gift. Praise God!"
    - Julie Hill - Living Water International - Director of Philanthropy, West 
    20220612 Team Living Water 8
  • A Guide to Hiking the Olympic Peninsula - by Ross and Kathy Hamilton

    Grand Ridge

    Do the mountains beckon you? With 1000 miles of trail here on the Olympic Peninsula there are many adventures available.

    The virtue of the Olympic Peninsula is the variety it offers. We have high mountains, lush forests and wild ocean beaches. The highest mountain, Mount Olympus is under 8000 feet so there is no shortage of oxygen. Most of the trails are dirt pathways so travel is more comfortable than rocky terrains.

    We have no threatening wildlife. If respect is shown no animals will threaten you. And there are no poisonous snakes. The worst pests are mosquitoes and deer flies. These are pesky but not dangerous.

    An interesting observation I have made is fellow hikers are very friendly once you get beyond a few miles from the nearest road. Distance seems to sort out people.

    Distance also gives solitude. I have spent many enjoyable hours hiking. After a week of quiet solitude, the kinks of life seem to straighten out and life become much easier to deal with. God speaks to me more clearly when the world is less demanding. Many of my most happy memories have come from sitting on a log or rock listening to a distant waterfall or enjoying the peace in a mountain meadow. May you find similar rewards in your travels. As John Muir once said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”

  • Favorite Backpacking Trips on The Olympic Peninsula

    With 1000 miles of trails on our peninsula, there are countless trips possible. While I’ve not covered all of the trails, I had the privilege to see some incredible places. So here are a few of my favorites on the Olympic Peninsula, from East to West. - Ross Hamilton

    Ross Hamilton DCC Sequim Lacross Basin

    LaCrosse Basin

    It’s a 20 mile hike in from the trailhead on the Duckabush, but the region is spectacular.

    Ross Hamilton DCC Sequim Dose Mdws 81.8 SP

    Dose Meadows

    It is a 2 day hike in from the Dosewallips trailhead, but again it has much to offer. From the base camp one can explore Lost Pass, Haden Pass, and Thousand Acre Meadow. A variation in route is to approach the Dosewallips via Graywolf Pass. It is a magnificent view from this pass. Follow the Greywolf trail to the Pass and drop into the Dosewallips Valley a few miles from the Meadows. 

    Ross Hamilton DCC Sequim Home Lk. 21.7 GC

    Home Lake and Constance Pass

    This beautiful area is a 2 day trip to get in via the Dungeness but is worth the effort. Home Lake is part of the headwaters for the Dungeness River. From the pass grand views can be had of Mount Constance and The Brothers.

    Ross Hamilton DCC Sequim High Divide

    Royal Basin

    This grand valley has 5 basins in stair- step fashion. Each is different and worth exploring. The Greywolf Needles make a grand backdrop for these basins. Broad meadows, lakes and waterfalls make up this special place. One day will get you in, but you’ll need at least one full day to explore.

    Ross Hamilton DCC Sequim Low Divide

    Low Divide

    It is a two day hike from the Quinault and a four day trip from the Elwha to get to this pass and it makes for an excellent base camp to explore Dodwell- Rixon Pass and Martins Park.
    Dodwell puts you face to face with the southern face of Mount Olympus across the headwaters of the Queets River. Martins Park is a treasure hidden under the watchful eye of glacier clad
    Mount Christie.

    Low Divide

    One of the premier hikes in the Olympics. This 20 mile loop trail takes the backpacker high on the ridge between the Solduc and Hoh Valleys and brings you to beautiful 7 Lake Basin and unobstructed views of Mount Olympus. I have spent several trips exploring this area. It is also the access to the cross country route to the backside of the Bailey Range (the range as seen from Hurricane Ridge)

    Click to read "A Guide to Hiking the Olympic Peninsula - by Ross and Kathy Hamilton"

    Ross Hamilton DCC Sequim Mt. Anderson

    Enchanted Valley

    This 13 mile trip up the Quinault brings you to a valley with sheer cliffs and waterfalls. O'Neal Pass to to Anderson Pass. This trail travels high on the side of the Quinault Valley and offers some of most spectacular mountain scenery in the Olympics. It can be accessed from either the Quinault, the Dosewallips or the Duckabush. If you are in the area, don’t miss it.


    Toleak Point

    The wilderness coast is well expressed on the way from Third Beach near La Push to Toleak Point 8 miles south. Tides must be watched and are best done on a low tide. The sand is firmer to walk on and the beach is wider A short distance beyond is the Goodman Creek Estuary. This is a narrow finger of the sea that come inland a good distance and reaches the base of Falls Creek falls at high tide. If you can find it, the Goodman Creek trail offers a short cut to this beautiful coastline 

    Cick to watch Ross Hamilton speak about his time working at Ansel Adams Studio in Yosemite

  • PNW Christian Surfers - Spring Update 2021

    PNW Christian Surfers Crescent Beach Surf Boards and RV Park

    Join Us at The Beach!

    Spring is here and the warm sun of summer is right around the corner. Just last Saturday I was surfing out at Crescent beach, and it was almost 75 degrees as the sun was sparkling on the turquoise, glassy, clear and cold water. The waves measured about chest high, and the swell was pumping with left and right-hand peelers going all the way to the beach.

    Family Friendly Atmosphere at Crescent Beach

    The PNW Christian Surfers are getting excited about what God has in store this Summer. Bruce, Blake and the rest of the ministry have been planning some special events for this summer. You may be able to meet us out at Crescent Beach in our RV Park camp site, for a day of surfing, great live music, sharing, and some great food and fellowship. We are also offering surfing classes for individuals and groups. Crescent beach is awesomely beautiful with views of the snow-capped mountains, a white sand beach, and sometimes seals and whales playing right off the surf. Crescent Beach and RV Park has great facilities with real restrooms, showers and Is family friendly. 

  • The Beginnings of a Surf Ministry at DCC - by George Crabb

    You might not think of the Pacific Northwest as being home to a surf community, but it is! The Pacific NW Christian Surfers started gathering over their love for Surfing and God. What started in a coffee shop in Sequim, has grown into a full fledged surf ministry. Their mission: “Bringing People to Christ through Living Water.” In this article, Pacifiic NNW Christian Surfers co-founder, George Crabb,  shares the story of how it all started and where they are headed from here.