Sunday School & Nursery Times

Nursery (0-3): Every Sunday at 9am.
Children’s Programming: Sundays at 9am except for the last Sunday of the month.
Communion Sunday: Last Sunday of the month Kids are in Service.

Nursery is open for families during the 10:45am service. There is a TV that shows the service live. We also
offer activity clipboards that kids may take into the main sactuary and use during service. 

DCC Kid's Ministry

Hello Families! We care about kids here at DCC. We offer the Nursery every Sunday morning at
the 9am service. We have Children’s programming at 9am every Sunday except the last
Sunday of the month.

Communion Sunday 

We view Kids as vital members of our church family. The last Sunday of the month we have kids
in Service as we seek to build opportunities as a whole family to worship together. We also
offer activity clipboards for every service for kids to take in with them.