As you are all aware, our short-term mission to Guatemala earlier this year was canceled because of coronavirus.  A decision was subsequently made by the DCC team leaders, supported by church leadership, to allow the $15,000 sent to Bethel Ministries International from DCC for the team to be used for projects the DCC team was going to be involved in.  Here is how that money has been utilized;

  • $8500 used for fifty wheelchairs ($170 per chair)
  • $3000 for a house build
  • $3500 used for greatest need, which we now know was food for the community

We were recently blessed to get an update from Emily Mooney from Bethel Ministries International about the house - now built! Emily's update is below, along with some photos of the project and the family that was blessed to receive the house. I can't help but think of 1 Timothy 6:18 as I see these pics! 

"A House has Been Built!"

"On behalf of the Global Outreach Committee, we wanted to share this update, - and to thank you for your faithful, generous gifts that God used in Guatemala! We are thrilled to have been a part of what God did to bless this family and their community in these very difficult times. Lord willing, 2021 will bring an opportunity for DCC to make good on our desire to send a short-term missions team! 

Bravo's house has been built! Thanks again to you, the team, and committee for freeing up the funds to build for her. I had the privilege of being part of the construction crew that day, and the whole family (plus extended) were just over the moon excited for the new house. Lesly and her kids even helped out with the building process, which made it even more special for them. I've attached pictures of the finished product, if you would please share with the team and those involved in the fundraising and prayer process. I also threw in some extras of the family helping out. I know the team would have loved to take those photos if you all could have been here.

- Emily Mooney