Each year, the Community Engagement Team (CET) at Dungeness Community Church selects a number of local organizations to work with. In addition to supporting these local organizations, we partner to support LIving Water International. Below is one of our recipients for the 2021 Advent Season. 

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Hi, my name is Sarah Nichols. And I'm the executive director of the Dungeness Valley Health and Wellness Clinic better known as The Sequim free clinic. The clinic, the board of directors, the volunteers we would all like to thank you for your Advent Conspiracy donation.  

Sequim Free Clinic Providing Healthcare

The Sequim Free Clinic is in its 21st year. We are open Mondays and Thursdays starting at 4:30 for walk-in patients to treat anything from a head cold to sprained. Ankle. If you need to see a doctor, are uninsured, underinsured, even if you're just new to the area and you're having a hard time finding a provider we can see you. There is no charge for our services. If you have a chronic disease that needs to be followed we can do that with our chronic healthcare clinics.

Volunteer Operated

All of our providers for our evening clinics our volunteers all of our staffs that run the clinics are volunteers. We have over 75 professional and non-professional volunteer staff. We also have our Working On Wellness program (WOW) program, which provides monthly forums. Because of covid we are doing them on KSQM on the second Wednesday of each month. You can find out all the information on our website at SequimFreeClinic.org.