Each year, the Community Engagement Team (CET) at Dungeness Community Church selects a number of local organizations to work with. In addition to supporting these local organizations, we partner to support LIving Water International. Below is one of our recipients for the 2021 Advent Season. 

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Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County

Volunteer Hospice of Clallam county is a 43 year old organization providing hospice and palliative care services to the community. We cover the area from Joyce, WA all the way to Diamond Point. The nurses of Volunteer Hospice guide patients and their support group through the end-of-life journey. The nursing staff works with patients and their families to set goals and manage symptoms throughout the hospice service. They offer respite care, grief support and a loaning service for medical equipment. www.vhocc.org 



Pallitatve Care

Palliative care is for people who have a need for nursing services in their homes without having to go to the hospital. It could be a long-term illness. It could be a person who is starting to require Hospital services, but it's not quite there yet. People tend to think Hospice is a place we come to die. This is actually not true, hospice is a place that helps you live until the very last moment of your life. Hospice provides emotional & physical support, along with pain management and psychosocial support, to help you live longer and have better quality of life near the end.

Community Programs & Events

Volunteer Hospice also offers a variety of programs to the community. We have a lending closet with medical equipment available to borrow for anyone with a need. We also have an extensive grief and bereavement program. We offer individual counseling we offer grief support groups and practical workshops on how to live alone after your loved one has died, and

We recently started a new program called Soul Care. Soul Care is a series of speakers coming to our community to help us understand and accept end of life sort of educational series. And along with the speaker series, we are starting to offer monthly informal discussions Called Death Café and those will be at the parental as Senior Center. This is a way to educate oneself about end of life death, dying grief, and bereavement.

Learn More About Volunteer Hospice

If you would like more information, but we also can look us up online at vhoc.org and you can always call us at 360-452-1511. Or visit VHOCC at 829 East 8th Street in Port Angeles, at the corner of 8th and race.