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To honor fathers we are accepting donations to support our Love Box family. 

A New Way To Celebrate

On Mother's Day rather than giving something to all of our moms, we had this idea to support Obria Pregnancy Resource centers right here in Clallam County. Obria is a faith-based ministry helps families and promotes life. Our congregation at DCC responded wonderfully -- we raised over thirty seven hundred dollars for Obria!

For Father's Day we picked out a ministry DCC is involved in called the Love Box. DCC has a team of people who have become a "love box" to help support a local family who are fostering children. Our team of have come around this foster family, helping with financial needs, making meals, providing respite care, along with a whole range of other things to help the family.

Honoring Fatherhood

Oftentimes kids in foster homes are also kids who are growing up without a stable father figure in their lives. So, we thought a donation to our Love Bod ministry would be a great way to honor this very important role of fatherhood.

If you are a dad and you show up at our in-person service n June 20th, we might have something special that you could pick up that morning as well.

Summer Sunday Schedule and June Prayer Gathering

This Summer, starting June 6th, we're changing from two Sunday services to just one Sunday morning service at 10am. 

Also we are having an all-church prayer night on Sunday June 13th from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. This will include some worship music and be a great opportunity for us to gather together as a congregation and pray. 

Watch the above video from Pastor Tim to learn more. 

PNW Christian Surfers Crescent Beach Surf Boards and RV Park

Join Us at The Beach!

Spring is here and the warm sun of summer is right around the corner. Just last Saturday I was surfing out at Crescent beach, and it was almost 75 degrees as the sun was sparkling on the turquoise, glassy, clear and cold water. The waves measured about chest high, and the swell was pumping with left and right-hand peelers going all the way to the beach.

Family Friendly Atmosphere at Crescent Beach

The PNW Christian Surfers are getting excited about what God has in store this Summer. Bruce, Blake and the rest of the ministry have been planning some special events for this summer. You may be able to meet us out at Crescent Beach in our RV Park camp site, for a day of surfing, great live music, sharing, and some great food and fellowship. We are also offering surfing classes for individuals and groups. Crescent beach is awesomely beautiful with views of the snow-capped mountains, a white sand beach, and sometimes seals and whales playing right off the surf. Crescent Beach and RV Park has great facilities with real restrooms, showers and Is family friendly.