madisonFallsAs a part of Advent Conspiracy in late 2020, the Community Engagement Team at Dungeness Community Church was blessed to support Clallam Mosaic, a local non-profit that benefits individuals with special needs in our community. The following article, explains the history and the heart of Clallam Mosaic, from their humble roots in 1998 to their work in 2020 to help their community in the midst of a pandemic. 

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Clallam Mosaic – 22 Years of Service

In 1998, four families came together in a living room wondering what would happen to their child when he/she graduated from high school. All of these parents had one thing in common; their child was a student with special needs. As they looked around the community at adults with special needs, they saw a bleak future. Their children seemed destined to sit at home with no activities to engage in other than watching TV. They were worried that their children would lose all of the hard-fought learning they had acquired through their school years. The future was scary!


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To honor fathers we are accepting donations to support our Love Box family. 

A New Way To Celebrate

On Mother's Day rather than giving something to all of our moms, we had this idea to support Obria Pregnancy Resource centers right here in Clallam County. Obria is a faith-based ministry helps families and promotes life. Our congregation at DCC responded wonderfully -- we raised over thirty seven hundred dollars for Obria!

For Father's Day we picked out a ministry DCC is involved in called the Love Box. DCC has a team of people who have become a "love box" to help support a local family who are fostering children. Our team of have come around this foster family, helping with financial needs, making meals, providing respite care, along with a whole range of other things to help the family.

Honoring Fatherhood

Oftentimes kids in foster homes are also kids who are growing up without a stable father figure in their lives. So, we thought a donation to our Love Bod ministry would be a great way to honor this very important role of fatherhood.

If you are a dad and you show up at our in-person service n June 20th, we might have something special that you could pick up that morning as well.

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Mothers Day Project for Obria Pregancy Resource Center - 2021

Mother's Day is just around the corner, on May 9th. As a staff we were discussing what to do this Mother's Day, as a congregation. Sometimes we do things specifically to recognize moms but not everybody is a mom, so we thought we would come up with a way that all of us could honor our moms, and bless some other moms, along with some important women in our lives.

We are taking a special offering this Mother's Day season as a tribute to honor motherhood. We're going to use that as a gift to Obria Pregnancy Medical Resource Center. Obria is right here in Sequim and they help moms, many who are going through a difficult time in their pregnancy.

So, if you donate to help with Obria, we're going to give you a flower and you can present that flower to a special lady of your choice. So, be planning ahead for mother's day and a special offering. For those of you who are joining us online and want to participate in this CLICK THIS LINK