We believe children deserve the very best DCC can offer – our best leaders, our best materials, our best facilities. 

About 85 percent of those who make decisions to follow Jesus do so between the ages of 4 and 14. We are keenly aware connections to the Gospel are made for children when we serve them with excellence as a local church.

That’s why Children’s Ministry is a sacred calling! Like so many areas of service in our church community, the normal rhythm of children’s ministry programs has been completely disrupted by COVID-19. But this extended pause has also created an opportunity to ask good, hard questions about what we do, and why.

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As fall gets underway, we are seeking creative ways to engage our kids from toddlers to grade 5. But we also sense an opportunity to support and encour- age parents as disciple-makers of their children.

Our desire in Fall 2020 is to offer online weekly Biblical teaching in a fun context to DCC Kids. But we also want to assist and equip parents to engage in simple discipleship practices at home with their children.

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Working together with our families, this can be a rich time of seeing faith, hope, love and wisdom built into the lives of our kids! It may seem odd in these unusual days, but we’re eagerly looking for parent volunteers who can help bring this dual mission about!

DCC Bio Britt HemphillIf you’re interested in learning more about serving our kids, parents, and families in the 2020-21 school year, please call the church office at (360) 683-7333 or email Pastor Britt (britt@dcchurch.org).