Living Water International & Dungeness Community Church

Living Water International & Dungeness Commnity Church have teamed up to help the people of Parcelamiento El Socorro in Guatemala. The following is a report provided by Living Water International. 

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About The Community

DCC 21 Guat pumping clean water

The 350 residents of Parcelamiento El Socorro suffered from the water crisis every day. They relied upon hand-dug wells and the local river for all of their needs. Because most of the men in the community worked during the day, the women and children were the ones primarily responsible for collecting the households' water and using it for chores. The fact that they were constantly worried about the amount of water available made their chores all the more burdensome. The water levels in both the wells and the river dwindled. Sometimes there was not enough.

The community members conserved as much water as they could for drinking and cooking. Sometimes, this meant foregoing hygiene and other household uses. Still, even after rationing their water strictly, they were often overcome with thirst. The thirst was not the residents' only concern, however. Because the water in the springs and river were exposed to the elements, it was full of surface contagions. After drinking or using the water, community members often suffered from water-related illnesses. The water also contained pesticides that had insidious, long- term effects on the community members' bodies. The only way to avoid these maladies was to avoid the water that was essential to life. It was a tragic dilemma. The community members knew that something needed to change.

DCC 21 Guat drillingConstruction

Community leaders felt hope arise when they heard about Living Water International's work in the region. They submitted a formal request for help, and the Living Water Guatemala staff responded by scheduling a visit. Once the team had surveyed the area, it was clear that a safe water well project was vital. This project was soon set in motion thanks to your generous gift, Dungeness Community Church and Andy and Erin!

The Living Water Guatemala staff soon returned. They drilled until they reached a safe water aquifer 51 meters deep. They then flushed the borehole to remove sedimentary rock debris, installed PVC casing and a gravel pack, and assembled the pump mechanism. The final steps were to pour a cement platform and to assemble the well head. The well was complete!

Dear Church Family,

As we move into Fall there are several changes happening within our staff. I sat down with everyone a few days ago to discuss and want to share that conversation with you. I hope you’ll take 15 minutes to hear what is going on.
Speaking of changes, for those of you that are doing church online, this Sunday we are transitioning from a pre-recorded service to a live-stream. The service will be live online starting at 10:00 am (you can also watch any time after that). To view the live-stream just go to and click the "Livestream" button.
A big thank you to Shane and his team for the work they have put in to make this happen. 
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Pastor Tim

In July of 2021, David Piper travelled to Guatemala to help distribute wheelchairs with DCC Global Partner, Bethel Ministries International. David sat down for an interview with Britt Hemphill, who is the Family Ministries Pastor for DCC as well as the chair for DCC's Global Outreach Committee. Watch that video here, along with excerpts from David's personal blog about the trip. 

If you would like to learn more about the Global Outreach Committee at DCC, reach out to Britt Hemphill. He can include you in our DCC on Mission newsletter. 


Honoring The Legacy & Testimony of Ted Sires

"Do you have any role models? Men or women who have had a significant impact on your life because of the way they've lived? Ted Sires is one of those men for me. Today I'm the pastor of Dungeness Community Church, but this church is here because Ted Sires and his wife Sandy, and a few other couples, over 40 years ag, decided that they wanted to start a church. But, Ted didn't just want to start a church. Ted wanted to follow Jesus. And he followed jesus well. And when Ted passed away at almost age 90 he left behind a rich legacy in his own family, his children, his grandchildren, and also in the life of this Church and this community. It was an unusual memorial service because Ted actually preached his own sermon. He had recorded it ahead of time, and it is a powerful testimony of his faith in God, and of God's faithfulness in Ted's life. We'd like to share that message with you now. Here's Ted."  - Pastor Tim