• Hurricane Relief Efforts with Ocean Church in Naples, Florida

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    Dear Church Family,

    You’ve seen the news so you know the devastation in many areas of Florida as a result of Hurricane Ian has been catastrophic. If you were in our service this past Sunday, you heard the announcement about a special project the Elders have approved to assist Ocean Church in Naples, Florida with their disaster relief efforts. Thanks to Brian & Molly Omann, we have a connection with Ocean Church and they are doing a fantastic job of ministering to the needs of their community. We would like to help them. 
    For the next two weeks, we are asking you to pray about how the Lord might direct you to give toward this need. On November 1, we plan to collect all the funds pledged to this project and send them to Ocean Church. You can contribute online by using the link below, or if giving by check, be sure to indicate “Hurricane Relief” on the memo line. We would like all gifts for this project to be received by the office no later than Thursday, October 27.
    Last Sunday, we showed a brief interview with Pastor Phil McMillan from Ocean Church. Phil & I also had a longer conversation about what is happening in their community. That more in-depth interview is now posted and I would encourage you to take a few minutes to listen. 
    Thanks for your consideration,
    Pastor Tim
  • Bringing Clean Water to The People of Guatemala

    Living Water International & Dungeness Community Church

    Living Water International & Dungeness Commnity Church have teamed up to help the people of Parcelamiento El Socorro in Guatemala. The following is a report provided by Living Water International. 

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    About The Community

    DCC 21 Guat pumping clean water

    The 350 residents of Parcelamiento El Socorro suffered from the water crisis every day. They relied upon hand-dug wells and the local river for all of their needs. Because most of the men in the community worked during the day, the women and children were the ones primarily responsible for collecting the households' water and using it for chores. The fact that they were constantly worried about the amount of water available made their chores all the more burdensome. The water levels in both the wells and the river dwindled. Sometimes there was not enough.

    The community members conserved as much water as they could for drinking and cooking. Sometimes, this meant foregoing hygiene and other household uses. Still, even after rationing their water strictly, they were often overcome with thirst. The thirst was not the residents' only concern, however. Because the water in the springs and river were exposed to the elements, it was full of surface contagions. After drinking or using the water, community members often suffered from water-related illnesses. The water also contained pesticides that had insidious, long- term effects on the community members' bodies. The only way to avoid these maladies was to avoid the water that was essential to life. It was a tragic dilemma. The community members knew that something needed to change.

  • Spring Cleaning at Gospel Wave Media

    IMG 1763Recently a team of 9 people from Dungeness Community Church -- equipped with chainsaws, gardening tools and cleaning supplies -- visited Shohrat and Maya of Gospel Wave Media near Gig Harbor for a day of clean up and relationship building. We cut down a dead tree, hauled away the wood, cleaned out flower beds, scrubbed windows and then sat down to a traditional lunch of delicious grilled meats, fresh salads, yogurts and lentil soup. Everyone had a good time, including the children and the dogs!