• Advent Conspiracy 2021

    Advent Conspiracy 2021 Totals

    Our final totals have come in for DCC's Advent Conspiracy Initiative in 2021.

    Our five local community groups (who are featured farther down in this article) received a total of $25,000. Living Water International received $50,000, which will go toward at least three known wells. In additon, a donor in Texas asked Living Water International to match their own giving with a church and DCC was selected. So an addiional so $40,000 will go toward building wells. So that's $75,000 plus $40,000 which equals a total of $115,000 for Advent Conspiracy this year. Isn't that amazing!

    Psalm 115:1 says "Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to your name give glory,  for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!" 

    Thank you to each one of you that were participants. We ask God to go ahead and mobilize these acts of faithfulnees for His glory. Amen 

    The following is a list of our global and local community partners for Advent Conspiracy 2021.

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  • Bringing Clean Water to The People of Guatemala

    Living Water International & Dungeness Community Church

    Living Water International & Dungeness Commnity Church have teamed up to help the people of Parcelamiento El Socorro in Guatemala. The following is a report provided by Living Water International. 

    Click here to Donate to Living Water Internation for this years Advent Conspiracy

    About The Community

    DCC 21 Guat pumping clean water

    The 350 residents of Parcelamiento El Socorro suffered from the water crisis every day. They relied upon hand-dug wells and the local river for all of their needs. Because most of the men in the community worked during the day, the women and children were the ones primarily responsible for collecting the households' water and using it for chores. The fact that they were constantly worried about the amount of water available made their chores all the more burdensome. The water levels in both the wells and the river dwindled. Sometimes there was not enough.

    The community members conserved as much water as they could for drinking and cooking. Sometimes, this meant foregoing hygiene and other household uses. Still, even after rationing their water strictly, they were often overcome with thirst. The thirst was not the residents' only concern, however. Because the water in the springs and river were exposed to the elements, it was full of surface contagions. After drinking or using the water, community members often suffered from water-related illnesses. The water also contained pesticides that had insidious, long- term effects on the community members' bodies. The only way to avoid these maladies was to avoid the water that was essential to life. It was a tragic dilemma. The community members knew that something needed to change.

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  • Clallam Mosaic -- Empowering Individuals With Special Needs

    madisonFallsAs a part of Advent Conspiracy in late 2020, the Community Engagement Team at Dungeness Community Church was blessed to support Clallam Mosaic, a local non-profit that benefits individuals with special needs in our community. The following article, explains the history and the heart of Clallam Mosaic, from their humble roots in 1998 to their work in 2020 to help their community in the midst of a pandemic. 

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    Clallam Mosaic – 22 Years of Service

    In 1998, four families came together in a living room wondering what would happen to their child when he/she graduated from high school. All of these parents had one thing in common; their child was a student with special needs. As they looked around the community at adults with special needs, they saw a bleak future. Their children seemed destined to sit at home with no activities to engage in other than watching TV. They were worried that their children would lose all of the hard-fought learning they had acquired through their school years. The future was scary!

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  • Living Water International, Advent Conspiracy & Dungeness Community Church

    In 1990 a group of Christians from Houston, Texas went on a medical mission to Kenya, Africa. While there, they learned that what these Kenyans needed more than medical assistance is clean, safe water.  Dirty water is mainly what was making them ill. This group returned to Houston and formed the nonprofit Living Water International and since that date they have completed 21,058 water projects that provides safe water to over 6 million thirsty people (as of 7/27/20).

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  • Mission Update for Global Outreach Committee - February 2021

    On behalf of the DCC Global Outreach Committee, I wanted to share a super important development about our short term mission trips to Nicaragua and Guatemala planned for 2021.

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  • Sequim Free Clinic - 2021 DCC Advent Conspiracy Recipient

    Each year, the Community Engagement Team (CET) at Dungeness Community Church selects a number of local organizations to work with. In addition to supporting these local organizations, we partner to support LIving Water International. Below is one of our recipients for the 2021 Advent Season. 

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    Hi, my name is Sarah Nichols. And I'm the executive director of the Dungeness Valley Health and Wellness Clinic better known as The Sequim free clinic. The clinic, the board of directors, the volunteers we would all like to thank you for your Advent Conspiracy donation.  

    Sequim Free Clinic Providing Healthcare

    The Sequim Free Clinic is in its 21st year. We are open Mondays and Thursdays starting at 4:30 for walk-in patients to treat anything from a head cold to sprained. Ankle. If you need to see a doctor, are uninsured, underinsured, even if you're just new to the area and you're having a hard time finding a provider we can see you. There is no charge for our services. If you have a chronic disease that needs to be followed we can do that with our chronic healthcare clinics.

    Volunteer Operated

    All of our providers for our evening clinics our volunteers all of our staffs that run the clinics are volunteers. We have over 75 professional and non-professional volunteer staff. We also have our Working On Wellness program (WOW) program, which provides monthly forums. Because of covid we are doing them on KSQM on the second Wednesday of each month. You can find out all the information on our website at SequimFreeClinic.org. 


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  • Sequim Police Emergency Fund - 2021 Advent Conspiracy Recipient- 2021 Advent Conspiracy Recipient

    Each year, the Community Engagement Team (CET) at Dungeness Community Church selects a number of local organizations to work with. In addition to supporting these local organizations, we partner to support LIving Water International. Below is one of our recipients for the 2021 Advent Season. 

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    Well, we are here at the Sequim Police Station with deputy chief, Mike Hill. As I understand it Mike your job is to enforce the law keep the peace and and help people in trouble.


    That is correct. Is that right? Yep. 


    I understand from others that in the old days, the officers had to dig in their own Pockets to help out people. And now we have a human services fund. So tell us about it and, the history, and maybe some incidents that we might have been able to help 


    Sure the Human Services fun began in April of 2016 through donations from Citizens of Sequim Cares and faith-based organizations. Basically when people have an emergency need, we can provide vouchers for food, transportation, and hygiene. In some cases where Emergency Shelters needed we can get a hotel room for a night or two. 

    Annually. We see about a hundred people that we give disbursements to, and that's individuals and families at large and it kind of depends on the need. Sometimes transportation is a greater need and we'll give out bus passes on Clallam or Jefferson Transit other times people need fuel for the vehicles and we have fuel vouchers usually 10 to 20 dollars to get them to their next place that they need to get to. Other times food is a greater need so we have vouchers from Safeway where people can take it in there and get food for themselves or their family. The housing situations are always a little more delicate. We've had some some Winters — the snowmageddons that we've heard of so much — and there's people that don't have shelter and we've managed to get them a room for a couple of nights until we can connect them with other longer-term services like Serenity House. 

    Sometimes we see victims of domestic violence and they no longer have a safe place to stay. So while they're in transition to find a different place. We've provided some stays in hotel rooms for them as well.


    We are so glad to be able to help you in that regard. We certainly appreciate what you've done and are doing on a daily basis to keep our community safe and those that need help have been provided for so, thank you Mike for What you do every day. 


    We appreciate you guys, appreciate the very generous donation we got recently. I think to date we've Assisted about 700 people since 2016 and that ranges from anywhere from $1,000 a year to near $4,000 a year depending on the need. So what you provided is definitely gonna go back in the community to help a lot of people who need it. 

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  • Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County - 2021 DCC Advent Conspiracy Recipient

    Each year, the Community Engagement Team (CET) at Dungeness Community Church selects a number of local organizations to work with. In addition to supporting these local organizations, we partner to support LIving Water International. Below is one of our recipients for the 2021 Advent Season. 

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    Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County

    Volunteer Hospice of Clallam county is a 43 year old organization providing hospice and palliative care services to the community. We cover the area from Joyce, WA all the way to Diamond Point. The nurses of Volunteer Hospice guide patients and their support group through the end-of-life journey. The nursing staff works with patients and their families to set goals and manage symptoms throughout the hospice service. They offer respite care, grief support and a loaning service for medical equipment. www.vhocc.org 


    Pallitatve Care

    Palliative care is for people who have a need for nursing services in their homes without having to go to the hospital. It could be a long-term illness. It could be a person who is starting to require Hospital services, but it's not quite there yet. People tend to think Hospice is a place we come to die. This is actually not true, hospice is a place that helps you live until the very last moment of your life. Hospice provides emotional & physical support, along with pain management and psychosocial support, to help you live longer and have better quality of life near the end.

    Community Programs & Events

    Volunteer Hospice also offers a variety of programs to the community. We have a lending closet with medical equipment available to borrow for anyone with a need. We also have an extensive grief and bereavement program. We offer individual counseling we offer grief support groups and practical workshops on how to live alone after your loved one has died, and

    We recently started a new program called Soul Care. Soul Care is a series of speakers coming to our community to help us understand and accept end of life sort of educational series. And along with the speaker series, we are starting to offer monthly informal discussions Called Death Café and those will be at the parental as Senior Center. This is a way to educate oneself about end of life death, dying grief, and bereavement.

    Learn More About Volunteer Hospice

    If you would like more information, but we also can look us up online at vhoc.org and you can always call us at 360-452-1511. Or visit VHOCC at 829 East 8th Street in Port Angeles, at the corner of 8th and race.

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