Honoring The Legacy & Testimony of Ted Sires

"Do you have any role models? Men or women who have had a significant impact on your life because of the way they've lived? Ted Sires is one of those men for me. Today I'm the pastor of Dungeness Community Church, but this church is here because Ted Sires and his wife Sandy, and a few other couples, over 40 years ag, decided that they wanted to start a church. But, Ted didn't just want to start a church. Ted wanted to follow Jesus. And he followed jesus well. And when Ted passed away at almost age 90 he left behind a rich legacy in his own family, his children, his grandchildren, and also in the life of this Church and this community. It was an unusual memorial service because Ted actually preached his own sermon. He had recorded it ahead of time, and it is a powerful testimony of his faith in God, and of God's faithfulness in Ted's life. We'd like to share that message with you now. Here's Ted."  - Pastor Tim