IMG 1763Recently a team of 9 people from Dungeness Community Church -- equipped with chainsaws, gardening tools and cleaning supplies -- visited Shohrat and Maya of Gospel Wave Media near Gig Harbor for a day of clean up and relationship building. We cut down a dead tree, hauled away the wood, cleaned out flower beds, scrubbed windows and then sat down to a traditional lunch of delicious grilled meats, fresh salads, yogurts and lentil soup. Everyone had a good time, including the children and the dogs!

A Prayer for Gospel Wave Media

We topped the day off by praying for this dear family as they prepare to travel to Turkey, to meet up with some family members to encourage and bring help, because they are suffering greatly in their home country, where food and medical supplies are scarce. Would you join with the GOC and keep them in your prayers as they travel, for protection, for safety and for their health?

Written by Rosalie Di Maggio

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