Wow!!! What a whirlwind summer!  When God decides now is the time, He makes what was before seemingly impossible come together. In the middle of the Covid lockdown God, through His people, birthed a women’s home in downtown Sequim.  The body at DCC has lovingly stepped forward to provide prayer, finances, furnishings, and much more.  You all joined a much bigger movement of His Spirit in the Sequim Valley as God brought other major churches alongside to bring about His plan.    For so long a women’s faith-based home has been much needed in the middle of this plague of addiction in Sequim and Port Angeles.  This scourge has effected families inside and outside the body of Christ.

Providing For Those In Need

Lili, the house mom, who ran a recovery ministry in the jail in Port Angeles for women has said, “The women need a place they can go after they are released from treatment or jail… they are heading back to surfing couches, living in cars and places where they used and were harmed in.  The odds are so against them to live life differently.”  

God has brought about a home for the “least of these” and is feeding, clothing, and offering safe lodging.  The Gospel of Christ is being shown to these women and they are open and hungry for it.  The body of Christ, in all its parts, is performing a glorious thing on behalf of women created in His image.

How It Works

We started the interviewing process a couple weeks back and listened to abbreviated stories and, just in what we heard, we wept.   Our prayer for these women is that the Lord would restore what the locust have eaten and come to know the One who is our Shame-taker and Way-maker.  One lady has come to us and is now 20 weeks pregnant.  She has chosen life and has adoptive parents picked out.  She chose to get clean and has remained clean for the baby.  Now we are helping her see that there is hope and a future for her life as well.  She has come to know Jesus and would like to be baptized.  Our prayer for each women is for them to know and own Psalm 139:5


“You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way,

and in kindness you follow behind me

to spare me from the harm of my past.

With your hand of love upon my life,

You impart a blessing to me.”

- Psalm 139:5


The women will be participating in DCC’s Celebrate Recovery and serving in various areas in the community.  They will be either pursuing education or work after a 90 day period learning life skills, community living, and attending their out-patient treatments, meetings, and Bible studies.  I have been asked how others can participate and help.  We invite women who are rooted in the faith to come alongside to mentor, lead a Bible study, drive women to their appointments, get to know them, teach them to cook, crochet etc… most have not had good female role models.

How You Can Help

If God so lays it on your heart, there are still a few needs:  Prayer for Lili as she lives with and leads the women, prayer for the healing of the women’s hearts, minds and souls, $500 scholarships per month for room and board for each woman, a vehicle that seats 7.

Again with much gratitude for all that DCC has done on behalf of the LOV home and in service to our great big God,

Andrea Gilles

For the Team and Home