Each year, the Community Engagement Team (CET) at Dungeness Community Church selects a number of local organizations to work with. In addition to supporting these local organizations, we partner to support LIving Water International. Below is one of our recipients for the 2021 Advent Season. 

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Hi, I'm River Sussman. I'm the CEO for obria Pacific Northwest Medical Clinics. I want to thank DCC you guys have been a great support to our Organization for many many years and we really appreciate the support that you give to us. Not just in the Financial Funding which we definitely appreciate and it helps to fund our programs. But also we have received so many volunteers and staff members from your congregation. You guys are just one of the places that warms my heart when I think of so, thank you DCC. 

OBRIA Pregnancy Center of Sequim

Essentially. OBRIA PNW is th pregnancy center of the community. We started off in 1983. We now provide pregnancy tests. We provide ultrasounds. We also most recently added STD testing and treatment to our services in addition. We have education and resource programs which provide lessons in prenatal development birthing Child Development child care and in exchange. The moms get baby bucks and they can trade those in for diapers and cribs and car seats and all kinds of maternal and infant support. 

Serving Rural Western Washington

You may know us as The Crisis Pregnancy Center of Port Angeles The Crisis Pregnancy Center of Clallam County Care Net my choices and now we are OBRIA PNW we have offices in Sequim Port Angeles and Port Townsend. We also have a mobile unit that's been serving all of rural western Washington for the last four years partnering with pregnancy centers that did not have ultrasounds. 
In 2021 We served over 200 individuals. There were 338 classes that were taught and 29 babies that were saved that's a full classroom of kindergarteners in five years. One of the exciting things has happened this year is that we now have four nurses that are on staff. So there is a nurse in our office every single day every single office that we're open. 

Once again, I really want to thank you all at DCC. You guys are are just so valuable. To us. Your support is valuable to us the fact that you hear God and his care for these babies and these moms, and these fathers is just an awesome thing, and it's so helps us and it's so so keeps us going when things are challenging. Thank you.