We recently brought five candidates before the congregation to be affirmed as new elders. All 5 of the nominated candidates were affirmed. Ric Yorke, Brian Omann, Phil Langston, Bob Torres and Forrest Miller officially joined the board this week. Please join us in welcoming these new elders!20220317 Elders small

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Saying Thank You to Past Elders

In the Spring of 2022 two of our elders stepped down from the board. Tim Frymyer to move to Texas to care for family and Dan Breithaupt to take a break after many years of faithful service. Both were recognized and thanked for their service at our Sunday service on March 13.  You can watch that presentation here:

Elder Sabbatical

As part of our policy at DCC, we require elders and pastors to go on sabbatical periodically. in early 2022, it was George Wreggit and Corey Meyer's turn to go on Sabbatical. The are still considered elders but do not have a voting role on the board, and do not attend required meetings.