Dear Church Family,

As the new year is now well underway, I wanted to update everyone on some important items of church business. To that end I recently sat down with several key leaders to record the following three interviews:
06:15 - Pastor Britt & Pastor Josh to discuss their new roles
14:50 - Corey Meyer, a CPA and our church treasurer to discuss our finances
27:35 - Forrest Miller & Ric Yorke, two of our Elders and project leaders with an update on DCCampus 2.0


The whole video is 40minutes long. I hope you’ll take the time to view. 
As I often say, I am deeply grateful for the wonderful church family God has allowed me to be a part of. There is so much to be thankful for - even in mundane things like budgets & buildings. None of it would be possible without all of us together and His good blessings. Thanks for being a part of what God is doing at DCC.
In Him,
Pastor Tim